European Tour 2022

We are stoked to be heading over to Europe this July to play some shows with our hetero life partners Fair Do’s !

You can come have a beer with us at the following venues;

18 – La Brat Cave, Lille, FR // with Fair Do’s & Bare Teeth
19 – péniche Légia, Liege, BE // with Fair Do’s
21 – Ballonfabrik Augsburg – Fabrik Unique, Augsburg, DE // with Heathcliff
22/23 – KNRD Fest, Nuremberg, DE // with Belvedere , CF98, Adrenalized, MARCH, Skin of Tears, Darko, Out Of Love, One Hidden Frame, Sunliner, The Shifty Grifts, Melonball, Pets, Money Left To Burn, Fine And Great, Walt Hamburger, David Hasselhoff
24 – Club W71, Weikersheim, DE // with Fair Do’s & Heathcliff
25 – Drei:klang Café, Munster, DE // with Fair Do’s

Big thanks to Danny Pippenbottom at A.U. Booking 🤘

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